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Sawgrass Mills: a premiere USA shopping attraction



For citizens and international tourists alike the name and location of Sawgrass Mills is synonymous with a superabundance of shopping, bargain hunting and retail plenty. Located in Sunrise, Florida it is an easily accessible locale set within the greater Fort Lauderdale/Miami area which in turn is well connected to many international locations.



Viewed from above the serpentine layout was originally intended to be shaped like an alligator, its logo and mascot. With the popularity and expansion over the years however the shape is not as easily recognizable as the shopping facilities fan out in every direction.



Parking can be a big problem especially around holidays and promotion days. Lots are full, patience is short and many resort to parking along the grassy boulevards that provide access into the shopping center. A fun fact that the merchants are proud of is that Sawgrass Mills has more annual foot traffic than Disney, a major feat indeed. Thankfully the mall is well connected to various forms of public transport too. This is an equally handy way to get here avoiding crowded highways and parking lots. To get here from Fort Lauderdale simply take the 40 bus from the beach area and transfer onto the 36 bus directly to the mall. From Miami and South Beach there isn’t a feasible means of public transit so a taxi is an option and many hotels have access to van and car services directly related with the mall.



With over 350 outlet and value retail stores to browse the navigation of the Mall can take some dedication. The best course of action is to remember which “Avenue” one has entered and make a point to return there at the end. Avenues are numbered and some specialty areas are marked with different names, but they are usually atriums between avenues. The stores are a blended mix of retail and outlets and while some themes designate certain areas, it is not arranged according to any particular type of product. One will find jewelry next to clothing next to tech. The Collonade is the high end section of the mall with outlets from some of the world’s best clothiers and watchmakers.



It can certainly be said that for the savvy shopper deals and products are waiting plentifully. Many who come to Sawgrass Mills may be in Miami on vacation or in town before or after a cruise and wanting to pick up some brand name goods. The allure of Lincoln Road Mall or Collins Ave is understandable, but one will pay exponentially more. There are loads of restaurants all around the Mall, a dedicated food court and something for every budget. There is fast food, gourmet coffee and even old world dining venues. A movie theater and seasonal attractions can always be found on display too.



If one is thinking of staying overnight the local series of hotels are great options at reasonable prices. It is perfect for a no rush approach to the Mall. There is a Crowne Plaza, La Quinta and a nice Hilton Doubletree just a few minutes drive or walk.




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