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Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Spa



The quiet and relaxing shores of Southwest Florida’s Gulf coast are well known for their appealing beauty. Add to this the protected bays, mangroves and coastal islands of Sanibel Harbour and one can step right into the fluctuations of nature in a delightful vacation resort.


The Marriott Resort and Spa property sits just along the mainland point looking out over Sanibel Island and the intercoastal waterway. This wide open view allows for great sunsets, calm waters and gives a large space for a truly sprawling resort with lots of amenities. The hotel is just twenty minutes from downtown Fort Myers and around a forty-five minute drive from the airport.


mar2The eighty-five acre property has a central hotel building with lobbies, parking garage, conference center and restaurants. Overall the property boasts a dedicated spa and fitness facility, six restaurants for dining, four pools, water sports, a nature walk and tennis courts. There are two main towers for rooms, Sanibel and Captiva. Each offers its own stunning views and amenities, for those loving a bit more privacy and calm the Captiva tower would be the ideal place.


Check in was quick and friendly, even when the hotel seemed quite busy. Every employee we encountered seemed well placed and attentive to service with a smile. Having received an upgrade in the Captiva tower, the balcony wrapped around the contour of the room with good views of the bay. The pool area was charming and intimate. There is an open lounge on the second floor that offers some cold drinks and breakfast snacks. It also has a convenience store and an attendant on duty to assist with any requests.


mar3The style of the hotel is grand and very Floridian. The décor of the rooms is a bit out of date and could use an upgrade. Everything was assuredly clean and organized, but the overall layout, furniture and upholstery are those of a bygone era. The grounds are easily walkable, but there is a transit service that picks up and drops off guests around the property.


The fitness center is in the process of an upgrade and it is nice to see that coming along well. The spa facility is complete with massages and treatments and as well offers a vast space with jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and an indoor pool and relaxation area with snacks. There seems to be a bit of a delay in requests when staying in the Captiva tower, we had to phone several times in order to receive something asked for with a bit of a wait.


Overall the hotel offers a pleasant experience of a beautiful corner of Florida. It is a property with a lot to do and see. The overall experience was good, it could use some logistical updates however to the rooms, and décor. This property has some great qualities and they can be even better.





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    Great post thanks for sharing information it is very useful for Travelers and the pics you have clicked are really awesome clicks. Sanibel Harbour Marriott is always one of my favorite resorts in Florida .

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