Jun 17

Airline review: Aer Lingus



Ireland’s national airline has gained a reputation over the last few summers for having affordable connections from the USA to Europe. Many passengers have taken advantage of the flights connecting various US cities and the hubs of Shannon and Dublin. From here as well Aer Lingus is well connected to the various major capitals of Europe making for a good composite ticket at good prices.


The airline has some good qualities. The plane was clean the staff professional and courteous. My particular experience consisted of a flight from mainland Europe to the US so I connected through Dublin. The flights were all on time and the captains were very informative throughout the journey. My particular plane had seats with good legroom and comfort. I have heard the planes they acquired from Iberia (A319’s) are old and quite constrictive however. The flight itself was smooth and the captain took a route to avoid turbulence.


The contents of in-flight service are not in keeping with general European standards. The inside Europe flight offered nothing for refreshment, not even the proverbial glass of water, which it seems at least should be gratis for a 2 hour flight. There is a meal and beverage service available for those willing to pay. The transatlantic flight gave two basic meal options, which left much to be desired in comparison with most airlines service for this route. In addition to the main meal there is a tea service just before landing, which consists of a small sweet snack.


The airline could not provide both of my tickets at my departure destination so I had to collect the second ticket in Dublin. This could have been a hassle but thankfully agents met transiting passengers at the gate and walked us to our new gates. Both Shannon and Dublin have a Pre-Screening Customs and Immigration center which is very fast and efficient. You will be shown a picture of your luggage and asked to verify that it is indeed yours and then you are cleared for US entry while within the terminal. This is a handy process, which saves a lot of time and allows one to land in the US as a domestic flight.


Overall Aer Lingus is an airline of average to slightly below average quality. It could update and improve many details of its service and logistics. The airline has done a good job in providing competitive prices, friendly staff and timing but the actual time inside the plane and the basics associated with a flight ticket could be better served.



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