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Recommended Restaurant: Paris Deli, Hanoi Vietnam



While visitors to Vietnam are right to be on the hunt for fantastic spring rolls and other traditional favorites, it is good to remember that Vietnam has had a variety of cultural and culinary exchanges over the years. The years of French occupation brought a Western style into the bigger Vietnamese cities that has left its mark in restaurants and dishes.


A great place in Hanoi to grab a quick coffee, a full lunch or a savory dinner is the restaurant chain known as Paris Deli. Prices are reasonable; the food is creative, fresh and with good options for all sorts of appetites and diets. The main focus is on sandwiches, salads, pastries and bread products that give one the impression of a Parisian café. The venue is open from 8am till 11pm daily and it has a range of platters even focused on full dinner plates. There is an abundant selection of hot and cold teas, every form of coffee and latte one can imagine as well as different fruit smoothies.


The bistro is always a buzz with a good ambience. The clientele is a mix of tourists and locals enjoying the city. The interior is full of natural light as well as some fixed plants and trees the building was built around. It is a refreshing spot to relax from touring in summer or winter to enjoy the controlled indoor temperatures. The décor is essentially French and the staff are prompt and attentive. It is a true value for the atmosphere and quality of the food.


Currently the Café has 2 locations in Hanoi. Both are situated in the main downtown district popular with tourists and visitors. The location at 13 Nha Tho St. is situated just near St. Joseph’s Cathedral, a common landmark on any walking or vehicle tour of the city. The other location is found at 6 Chu Trinh St. across from the easily recognizable opera house and current Hilton hotel. This is a beautiful neighborhood and a real crossroads of the city.


All things considered this is a noteworthy place for travelers to have a memorable meal, to snack on something light or to seek out a coffee that packs a good perky punch. It is nice to find restaurants like this that bring the best of cultural influences to the visitors and inhabitants of a given city.




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