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Residence Inn Brentwood, Tennessee, USA



Brentwood Tennessee is an upper class suburb of Nashville, with easy access to the downtown, but with the feeling of a secluded and calm neighborhood. The Residence Inn brings here a lot of the plusses of this kind of extended stay hotel with a great location just steps from shopping and good dining venues.


We choose the Residence Inn Brentwood because of its location, the good reviews we found on the internet and the good value of the place.


The Hotel:


One will find in Brentwood the same amenities found in a Residence Inn elsewhere. It has free parking, an outdoor pool and jacuzzi, and an area for gatherings and barbeque, free basic internet. There is an exercise room, that actually cannot be called a gym or fitness center because the size of it, but the four machines in the room are quite new and well maintained.



The rooms:

We have to say that even when all the rooms are very clean and well maintained they actually look smaller than rooms in other properties of this brand that we have been to before. It is true we stayed in the hotel during a very busy night, but we got a studio room that looks more like kind of a junior suite with a well stocked kitchen, and just one bath that was actually quite small. We were upset that there was not a fireplace in the room despite the fact that in their webpage they show pictures of even the basic rooms with a fireplace, we found that a little misleading.




The experience:

We loved the fact that one can find almost anything very close by from the hotel, including several grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, cafes and much more. It only takes around 15 minutes using the highway to reach the downtown of Nashville that has so much to offer.


Our check in experience was good, very fast and friendly. We were reminded about the free breakfast that is served every morning, and like any other of these locations it is basic, but a good one.


In the night we found another no so helpful person working in the reception. We were aware that the pool was closed because it is winter, but the Whirlpool looked very welcoming. When we asked if we were allowed to use it she was not that friendly and just kept insisting we should not use it because it was cold outside -that was the point of actually using a hot tub-. One thing we still do not understand is why these kind of hotels build outdoor pools and jacuzzi’s in places where one cannot use them for several months of the year.


Residence Inn is part of the Marriott group, as such if one is part of the rewards program it is possible to get points but that’s it, because there is not a great deal of acknowledgement of the status, and at the end even high status in the rewards program does not represent much there. This is a good basic hotel, with clean and well kept grounds, not luxurious but a great value for travelers.







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