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Recommended Shopping in Makati Philippines

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The glitz and glamour of Makati is well known in and beyond Manila. This is the uptown district of the day where locals and  tourists to the Philippines can get samplings of the world’s top retailers, imports and luxury items from ice cream to leather goods. Here are the main shopping centers, they are well established and can host good sales at various points in the year. 



This shopping center is connected with the Greenbelt complex and offers several levels of shopping. It is full of clothing, electronics, accessories stores and restaurants. There are cinemas, a gym, arcades and an activity center. This mall is a good reference for Taxi’s when coming from outside the Makati area, it worked well for our Taxi driver to identify the part of Makati we wanted to go to.



This is one of the newest facilities on Makati and it is where all the top name brands can be found. Zegna, Gucci, Vuitton, and many other elite shopping experiences. We stopped by on Father’s Day weekend and found some really great deals even at these costly clothiers. The mall wraps around a beautiful tropical courtyard that has ponds, waterfalls, an open air chapel and feels very tranquil in the midst of skyscrapers.


Century City Mall

This shopping and entertainment complex sits right around all the residential towers of Makati and it is closely connected with all the other malls. There are fountain light shows, cinemas, grocery stores and a wide range of retail. The Mall prides itself on its modern look and sits alongside well located Kayalaan Avenue. There is even free shuttle service from select points in Makati. Coffee Houses, International Restaurants and local delights are all on offer.


A. Venue Mall

This mall is smaller than many of its counterparts, but still a large and modern facility none the less. The biggest attraction is the gastronomic variety and gourmet style which the mall presents on all three floors. There are salons, tea houses, photography and framing, express markets, money exchange and travel agencies.


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