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Why traveling can be a terrible thing for you current life?



Here are some very few reasons among the many that exist of why if you love your current life you should not travel at all!


It will make you loose your nationalism: I heard once: “traveling has taught me that everybody is wrong about other countries.” Once you start seeing the world it is easy to discover that there are beautiful things in every single country. Impressive nature, friendly people, hard working citizens, suddenly your country no longer is “the best of the world,” but it becomes part of an immense world that is full of beauty and richness to be explored.


It will force you to think more: And who wants to do to that? Traveling is hard, one has to plan itineraries, to set foot in long journeys of discovery and amazement. One has to come with new ideas and confront the unexpected. It is easy to sit at home and be glued to the TV, finally who nowadays wants to be amazed with the simple things in life or moved by a genuine spirit of adventure?


It will mess with your health: You will become an explorer, someone who always wants to see more, to walk more, to run more! And that is not only good for your physical health, but its incredibly amazing for your mental health, traveling will turn you into a smiler, who can not smile after seeing people who is happy with so little! And let me tell you something else smiling is one of the worst things that can happen to those who love sadness.


It will make your life harder: Once you have been infected by the terrible illness of traveling, you will not be able to stay still, there will be always something new to see, a new border to cross, a new city to experience, a new food to try, a new river to swim, life becomes incredibly hard, because our borders go beyond our own backyard and the world becomes at the same time big and small.


It will turn you into a dreamer and a storyteller: You will constantly be planning new escapes, hoping to find the time for new trips. Imagining how the next place will be, what new experiences you will have, who will be your next best friend and you always will be sharing these experiences with others looking to inspire them to adventure in these amazing journeys.


Travel will disrupt your life: “I hate to have my life disrupted by routine, that is why I travel,” there is a lot of wisdom in that quote. Traveling will change how you look at your own life and at the concept of time, your priorities will change, because suddenly what becomes more important in life is not your dreams, but your memories.


It will take out of your social circles: It is not that you will lose your old friends, but if you travel you will find so many new families, so many new brothers and sisters, so many fellow travelers that like you they will be together in this journey of discovery, there will be so many new friends that your old social circles will become small, now you are a citizen of the world.


Traveling will change completely how you see the world, it will make you a wiser, more humble, happy and friendly person, and in a society consumed by anxiety, pride, individualism and a lack of real social interactions; traveling seems to be a disaster that shakes everything we are and in what we believe. So if you do not want to become a better person do not dare to travel because it will change you totally… For good.

“Do Not tell me how educated you are, just tell me how much have you travelled” -Mohammed


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