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Quinta do Lago: Shopping and cuisine in Algarve Portugal



The Algarve has certainly always been a place of magic otherworldliness for travelers. The stable beach climate with the warm tones of evergreen pines, red earth and silver and white rocky outcrops has been developed into site of enviable luxury and lifestyle goodness. Quinta do Lago is a lifestyle resort which covers several living communities, beachfront, golf courses, shopping and cuisine for renters, vacationers and year round guests.


At the heart of the attractions is a boutique shopping facility known as Quinta Shopping. It is build in the style of a typical town Plaza, seen throughout the Iberian Peninsula. It is of course a modern interpretation, but the ingredients of stone, wood and architecture are classic. This is a great spot from which anyone can enjoy the Quinta do Lago complex since it is situated along the main road within easy walking or bus distance from the various hotels and resorts in the area.


Quinta Shopping is a boutique shopping center. Its stores number somewhere around fifty total, but it has a varied offering of all sorts of fashion, accessories and cuisine. There are even legal offices, a couple banks, real estate, architecture and specialty shops for tobacco, cosmetics and perfumes.


The Fashion offerings are by far the most numerous. Upwards of twenty different stores offer designer brand labels from Europe and around the world. What is more if one goes in the off season of January and February there are some great discounts to be had which might not otherwise be on offer in the summer high season. Men’s, Women’s and Children’s stores are equally present.


Cuisine is varied and served in 8 different restaurants. One can find an Irish pub, Pizzeria, Tapas and good seafood. There are many fine dining venues all around the Quinta do Lago complex, here the cuisine is more affordably priced with an equally pleasant style of service and atmosphere.


Overall the Quinta Shopping experience offers one of the best places in the area to browse shops, enjoy a relaxed urban atmosphere and bask in the beauty of fountains, porches, archways and the rolling hills of the Algarve.




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