Feb 17

Tax for tourists on arrival at Port au Prince International airport in Haiti


It is important to keep in mind that a new tourist tax on arrival is now being charged to international visitors in the Port au Prince international Airport in Haiti. The tax is 10 USD but it is possible to pay in Canadian Dollars and Euros but it is still 10 of any of these different currencies. 


There have been a lot of renovations lately in the Toussaint Loverture International Airport and one has to admit that the arrival experience now is a very pleasant one. After landing, the plane goes directly to the terminal and passengers use standard bridges to access the building.  

haitipassThere are two different lines to cross through immigration, one is for those who do not have to pay such tax and the other is for those who have to pay the tax. 


Those exempt from the tax  are Haitian nationals, those born in Haiti with a foreign passport, those with a United Nations passport, visitors with official and diplomatic passport and children younger than 5 years old. 

It is important to be mindful of such a tax and save some cash before taking the plane since a credit card is not accepted and there is no ATM before immigration. To pay the tax one approaches the little office and hands a person the cash along with the passport and receives back a blue receipt that has to be presented to the immigration agent.







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  1. medhat sabry

    Do rgyptians need visa before on passport or not

    1. Only 3 countries require a visa to enter Haiti, as Egyptian you will not need a visa, only to pay the 10 dollar or Euro entry tax like any other foreign national.

  2. Maria Alvarez

    Do Cubans need visa to go to Haiti?. I live in Trinidad and Tobago and here there is not Haitian consulate, Copa airline could give a tourism card, is this enough? What I should do?

    1. voyageur

      Cubans do not need a visa and can enter up to 90 days for tourism. For the specifics contact the airline or another Haitian consulate nearby.

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