Aug 26

Port- au-Prince International Airport: Everything you need to know about it




Toussaint Louvertur is airport serving the capital city of Haiti. Until recent times most travelers described the experience of landing or taking off from there as a nightmare. Since the opening of the new International terminal the experience is actually quite pleasant.


The airport is located in Tabarre a suburb around 20 minutes from the downtown. Most international offices, consulates and best hotels are in Petion Ville, an affluent suburb in the mountains, it takes around 40 minutes to get there. Most people use private transportation or recognize taxi companies. There are some public buses that run to and from the airport but the service is not very recommended for international visitors.


There are a good number of airlines offering non stop service to Haiti. American Airlines flights from Miami, Delta from New York, Spirit from Fort Lauderdale, Jet Blue from New York and Air France from Paris with a stop in Miami. After the airplane gets to the terminal one uses the modern bridge way to access the building, from there one walks to immigration control. It is good to be aware that international visitors have to pay a 10 USD tourist tax in cash (it may be 10 Canadian Dollars or Euro). Immigration is quick and easy, one receives there a green paper card that has to be carefully saved during the trip because it is imperative to return that card at departure.



The baggage claim process is simple and standard, this is one of the airports in which one has to present the bag tag to walk away with the bag. Once outside be aware that many people will offer their services such as tourist guides, transportation or help with the bag and they even look very official, but not all work with the airport and sometimes that can create an inconvenience and some danger for travelers so it is better just to reject such help with a polite but firm no.


Departing is as well an orderly process, only travelers with a confirmed ticket are allowed to enter the terminal, there are at least three check points, one at the main entrance, another just before immigration and then before boarding the plane.


In this visit we were quite impressed with the transformation of the airport, it is not a huge terminal but everything seems to be working much better and quite standard compared with good airports around the world. There is even Wifi service througout the airport and it works very well.




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