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Peru’s compliment to its fine cuisine: The Ica wine region

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Our research for an upcoming trip to Peru includes places to eat and drink excellent Peruvian cuisine which is world famous. Along with that we thought what goes along with great food? great wine of course!


It was in this way we discovered that Peru has a wine region and not just any, but one which is growing in appeal and one with a fascinating history stretching back almost 400 years.



Ica and Pisco


The towns of Ica and Pisco lie around four and a half hours South of Lima along the coast. Winemaking has been going on for around 400 years but only in the last 100 or so has it taken on a more industrialized role. There are many farms but Vista Alegre, Tacoma, Santiago Queirolo, Tabanero, and Ocucaje wineries are considered Peru’s top producers. The environment could not be more lovely with the dry climate high in the Andes.



Getting yourself to the vineyards


Driving may be one of the best options because in this way you can stop at all the landmarks, vineyards and farms you desire. The Pan American highway follows the coast to both cities and it is very easy to navigate.


For those looking to take a wine tour they certainly exist, companies will arrange trips from Lima, Cusco and Arequipa which include a selection of vineyards. The nice part of this is that everyone in your group can drink without concern and enjoy the tour.


Bus tickets from Lima to Ica average around $28 USD and the journey tajes around 5 hours on the Cruz del Sur bus lines. Buses leave between 3am and 2pm from Lima daily.



Specific highlights



If you want a winery with an amazing product, an attached hotel and scenic grounds think about visiting Queirolo and savoring their Intipalka wines.


La Caravedo Pisco is another alluring attraction where sweet wines are made according to traditional methods in clay pots.




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