May 18

Starter ideas for a trip to Peru


Peru is a country of diversity of peoples, languages, climates, cuisine and traditions. Putting a trip together or selecting from options on a prepackaged tour can be overwhelming, so the first step in planning to to know what general places are there to discover.



Lima /history-cuisine

This is the country’s capital and so it offers cultural, architectural and historic gems that will familiarize a tourist with the recent history of the country. However it is much more, the city has been really modernizing and this is most evident in the expansive foodie scene inspired by Peru’s wealth of culinary dishes. Astrid y Gaston is ranked one of the top 50 restaurants in the world and Barancco is a local restaurant neighborhood heaven.


Machu Picchu / archeology-wonder of the world

This archeological wonder needs no introduction and there are so many ways to reach it, the logistics are great. Besides the vans and trails one can opt for a luxury train ride from Cuzco which is the rail journey of the golden era of travel. It is probably one of the most cliche tourist destinations that people find well worth it.


Colca Canyon /nature-ecology

Peru offers beaches, mountains, rainforest and many other landscapes, but Colca Canyon is special. It is home to the majestic Condor birds. The deep canyon gorge and the Andean mountain walls make for stunning panoramas.


Iquitos /Amazon river-rainforest

This is seen as a real gem of the Amazonian basin, even more so than better known access points in Brazil and Ecuador. Getting in is a challenge only boats and planes can handle, but the experience of the nature is raw and authentic.


Mancora / beach-pacific ocean

This seaside town offers pristine sands and long pleasant stretches of wide open seafront. Waves are great, the view is spectacular and the infrastructure ranges from simple restaurants and stays to top notch resorts and water sports.






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