Apr 17

Recommended Hotels near Paris Airport: Roissy-en-France

Good places to Stay near Charles de Gaulle Airport



Paris can be quite an expensive city to visit and stay. Hotel nights are some of the highest prices one will find in Europe and often the confines of the big city reduce the space of rooms and amenities to a strong minimum. For a good first and last night option or even the better part of a trip, it is worth considering a stay in a small town just outside Charles De Gaulle Airport known as Roissy en France.


This sleepy little enclave is actually a very unique town. It has a scenic main street, a theater, churches, gardens and neighborhoods, but quite a stunning array of big name hotels with good amenities and spacious rooms (in comparison with what one will normally find in the city for a higher price.) Speaking of prices, the accommodation options here are good in comparison with those of the city proper. Every hotel in the vicinity is served by a series of shuttle buses, which run between the airport terminal and the individual hotels. Most buses run about every half hour. Hotels in the area include Marriott, Novotel, Millennium, Park Inn, Holiday Inn, Ibis, Hilton, Hyatt Regency and much more. The entire town can be walked in about a half hour and the hotels are well located in the midst of each other.


Many of the hotels offer spacious accommodations, good restaurants and bars, business centers and an eclectic guest list of tourists, pilots, stewards and business people. Often this is a home away from home especially for the airline crews so one can count on attentive service and a priority for all ones transit needs.


This town is a great option on the day of arrival or the night before a departure because it can give one quick and easy access to the airport while being an affordable use of time and resources. For someone on a budget to Paris the idea of an entire stay here is not completely unheard of either. From the airport one has direct access to the downtown via the RER rail line. Upon purchase of a multiple day pass for zones one through five the forty-minute trip into town isn’t at all unpleasant. With good planning one can make good use of the value and quality these hotels afford while exploring such a treasured city.




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