Aug 25

Packing Luggage: Travel basics for a more enjoyable trip



When we travel we must always bring something of our possessions with us. It can be underestimated, but this aspect of travel can cause a bit of anxiety of frustration. We all know when we have forgotten something, when there is not enough room or the luggage is overweight. There are some good tips and trends we can embrace to travel most efficiently.


First off having dependable luggage really helps. If a wheel is broken or a lock is jammed don’t try to keep using the same suitcase, get something that works and is efficient. Another tip, don’t splurge on an awesome suitcase because with the handling that often occurs these days scratches and scuffs will appear in no time. Something sturdy and functional is the best call.


People have different routines, but dedicating a fixed period of time to packing works best. It should happen a day or so before the trip when your mind is clearer and do not allow yourself to do any other task. If you start organizing your closet in the midst of packing you will forget how many items you’ve already packed and a host of other things. Focus on one thing at a time.


As regards the way to pack clothes and bulky items most efficiently there are different schools of thought. There is the roll-up squeeze, which is coiling your clothes for maximum space. This is best for casual traveling, clothes will be a little more wrinkled, but no so much that they need to be rewashed. Secondly is the layer cake technique of stacking your clothing on top of each other in a folded way to prevent wrinkling. Placing sheets of tissue or newspaper between the layers also reduces wrinkle. This is more recommended for business and meeting travels. For those looking for extreme space savings and wrinkle free arrival consider those vacuum sealing clothes bags. They can take on bulky items like jackets and sweaters too.


It is best to put whatever wrinkles the most on the bottom of the pile. It is best to put shoes, socks and underwear along the edges and to stuff the shoes with smaller items to make use of the space. Remember to plastic bag the shoes if there’s even a hint of dirt or moisture. It is always best to put heavier items at the bottom where the wheels are for maximum balance.


The best rule of thumb is to think over what you use essentially every day in terms of clothes and toiletries and then pack one more set for good measure. Inevitably we will always come across something we’ve forgotten, but the more mental energy and scrutiny you apply beforehand to packing efficiently and well, the better the chances are of a stress free trip.




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