Apr 14

One&Only Hotel, The Palm, Dubai




The One&Only The Palm Dubai is indeed one of the best hotels in the city. Located in an amazing spot, part of the outer bank of the Palm, it enjoys magnificent views and a great beach. It is more a boutique hotel with the feeling of seclusion and privacy but with excellent facilities,

The Location:

It is certainly unique, being in the tip of the crescent of the Palm it boasts one of the most fantastic and unobstructed views of the Marina on one side and the turquoise waters of the sea in the other. It is indeed quiet, many people love that. We think that renting a car is always an excellent option of transportation in Dubai: it is very affordable, gas is cheap and valet parking is complimentary in this hotel and almost anywhere else in the city. Cabs are not expensive compared to European or American prices, but a trip to Dubai Marina or one of the Malls can take around 20 minutes or more.


The Resort:

It has a great architectural design, combining Andalusian and other Arabic influences, manicured gardens, abundant water fountains and intricate passages make of the property an authentic oasis of relaxation and wellbeing. Everything is kept with great care. The rooms are fantastic and amazingly generous in size. There are only 90 keys ranging from standard rooms (more than 60 sq meters) to luxurious mansions. The pools are fantastic, overall a very relaxing place, fitness facilities are top notch and the Spa is considered one of the best in Dubai. There are three excellent dinning venues in place and a lounge next to the lobby serving drinks, coffee and tea with local pastries in the afternoon.


The Experience

One really feels like a VIP in the One&Only, from the first moment one arrives the welcoming is excellent, personnel for the most part are very friendly and they make and effort to assist you, remembering your name and preferences. The place certainly feels chic and exclusive. It may be a little bid too quiet for those who love nightlife and the bustling activity of Dubai. Its more kind of a retreat, a hotel where one arrives to recharge and being pampered escaping from the noise of urban life.


This is a great resort, it is indeed not one of the cheapest, but we think it is worth every penny. Those looking for an even more refined experience can opt for one of the beach front villas, that are like a little palaces, these villas are ideal for families. One&Only is a great property in Dubai, and one of the most stylish, we loved our experience visiting the resort and we will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a chic side of Dubai.




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