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Why the island of Murano, should be on your Venice itinerary



Venice is a destination that attracts millions of tourists annually. While the city itself is the focus of most attention, some of the most beautiful spots are to be found in the lagoon’s many islands. Murano is one of these must see spots while visiting Venice, it is a little island with an amazing artistic tradition, a lot of history and beauty.


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Murano has become famous for the glass that is produced there, it is a work of quality and very appreciated by lovers of art and collectors from around the world. It is sad that lately Venice has been inundated by cheap copies of this beloved glass and many local souvenir stores will try to sell fake works and not always cheaply. The government is trying to protect the workers of the Island of Murano, for these reasons it is important to buy in those places that exhibit the official sticker in their windows that reads “vetro de Murano artistico”.



In the same way as Venice, Murano is actually made of several little islands joined together by bridges. The main canal is the heart of this city of around six thousand people. It is lovely to go and spend the day there, eat in the much more affordable, family owned restaurants and enjoy seeing how this famous glass is produced. The tiny island is beautiful during the day, but during the night it is surrounded by an incredible feeling of peace and tranquility, since there are not many tourists spending the night here it is good to ask which restaurants remain open for dinner. There are not many hotels, but it is not that hard to find a room, and the prices here are normally more affordable than in Venice. The M Gallery hotel is a great and well located place to stay.


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It is not hard to reach Murano, there are several lines of “Vaporetto” the public water buses that go from Fondamenta Nova, it takes no longer than 15 minutes to get to Murano from Venice, this is another very attractive part of the Island, in a lot of ways it is still Venice, but it is as well a completely different place.


There is no need to pay for an expensive water taxi to reach Murano -unless one wants to do so- and one has to be even more aware of the fake free tours offered where people are basically forced to buy glass at exorbitant prices.

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It is important to understand than Murano glass is a piece of art and as such it is not cheap, but one has not pay prices beyond what is normal, so it is better to compare prices at different stores and to always negotiate before buying. Foreign tourists may ask as well for sales tax exception if buying more than 100 Euros worth.


Murano is a great place to keep in mind when planning a visit to Venice, from there one can be a little more adventurous and reach as well the beautiful Island of Burano, another amazing and colorful place to explore.




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