Jan 19

The contrasts of Mumbai India: a photo journey in one afternoon



Sometimes a city is best described in its various inhabitants and peculiarities. Mumbai is a fascinating city from a travelers perspective: chaotic, colorful with diverse characters and limitless opportunities to see the major contrasts of Indian culture. The city is so big it has major numbers of unregistered inhabitants and the swell of humanity can be overwhelming.


There is so much to see in Mumbai and just one afternoon brings revelations, so here are some candid pictures of Mumbai with descriptions of what one can expect.



The city isn’t just skyscrapers and neighborhoods but a living and breathing open space. Mumbai is full of expansive sidewalks which function like market spaces and convenience shopping. Here just outside the train station and next to Cross Maidan Garden beautiful white shirts for men are sold by a vendor.



The use of space is intentional all throughout the city. Here a road underpass near the Churchgate train station serves as a lengthy underground market. The cost of living is very affordable in India and tourists will find good such as these very well priced. Don’t wait for the airport to get souvenirs.



While many look upon the Gateway of India in awe this is the background. The famous Indo-Saracenic Arch draws thousands of tourists by the minute to this Southern point of the Peninsula on which Mumbai stands. Fishing boats and trawlers add to the downtown scenery and bustle.


The wealth and opulence of the city is readily on display in front of the Taj Palace. This historic hotel is an icon of the city’s world class reputation. Like many things in India is exudes pomp and circumstance even down to the customized cars in the valet park.


The shopping interior of the Taj Mahal Palace reveals some of the world’s best names in clothing boutiques. Prices are a bit higher than in other places however standard for the most part. Zegna, Montblanc and Ferragamo can be see among cafes and restaurants on the ground floor.


A walk through the wide open spaces in downtown, here just across from the University of Mumbai one can see the passion for cricket that envelopes the whole nation. Various games and practices are ongoing throughout the day.


Riding the Western Railway is a great way to connect our suburban hotel with the inner circles of this dense and massive city. Cars range from sparsely populated to jam packed at rush hour. It is certainly a thrill to experience the public transportation and sometimes challenging, however it moves much more reliably than the highways and streets at times. We found it easy to figure out after asking questions from friendly passers by and security personnel.







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