Oct 31

Mukul a hidden paradise on the coast of Nicaragua



Nicaragua jumped to our attention recently with the opening of Mukul, an exclusive resort in an idyllic location. This Central American country has a tremendous potential with a very diverse natural richness, beautiful colonial towns, friendly people and delicious food.


This is the sign that something good is happening in Nicaragua. Sometimes good things have to come from the inside and Mukul is the vision of locals with big experience in business, but overall people who believe in their own country. Now they are offering us the opportunity of enjoying this place that has been probably a neglected paradise for years.


There are only 37 accommodations, all have been designed with style and good taste combining local traditions and luxury amenities. The views from these rooms are just fantastic, big glass windows allow guests to enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Playa Manzanillo and the impresive tropical vegetation all around. It is amazing how interior decorators incorporated so many local products from Rum barrels to clay lamps from the traditional town of Masaya. Rooms are luxurious, but at the same time homey. This is the place that invites one to relax, and enjoy time to oneself.


If the amazing welcoming one experiences is not enough, the Spa is just steps away, but it is a very different facility than the ones of other big resorts. Everything has been designed in Mukul to transmit the feeling that guests are no longer strangers, but residents. One is invited to check into one of the six casitas, these are suites, each one offering different decorations with particular themes and wellbeing experiences. It is a completely new concept where guests after enjoying a treatment can just stay in the place to unwind in the private garden with monsoon rain showers, steam bath, soaking tub and lounge like facilities, everything without even coming into contact with other guests.


Foodies will instantly fall in love with the place. The Chef of Cocina Nikul prepares an striking arrangement of dishes combining the best of local cuisine and ingredients such as meat from grass feed beef, organic vegetables and the best of eclectic international cuisine.


There has been a huge effort in keeping Mukul a sustainable place, one that impacts locals in a positive way. Even the impressive golf course was built using local labor and it is irrigated with treated water. Such green initiatives can be seen in almost every aspect of this resort. By the way this golf course is just breathtaking, professionals and aficionados will love to play in such place with a direct contact with nature and in one that seems that for a moment just fusions itself with the sea.


We are honest when we affirm that we are speechless and at the same time happy for Mukul and for Nicaragua. We have seen many resorts and hotels around the world. This one is certainly unique. It is so good, that we feel we are not being fair with this short description. It is great how locals can do so much for their own country. A bright future is awaiting for Nicaragua, this country is now ready to show the beauty of the land and its people to the world.


Everything is magical about Mukul. A place hard to describe more a paradise that should be enjoyed, in these kind of resorts, every experience is unique just as Mukul itself is.






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