May 24

Mosquito net essentials for traveling



It is a fact that mosquitos represent dangers to health many places around the world today. It is not simply countries on watch lists either. We always find it a good idea to invest in a mosquito net when traveling to places rural enough to have an unchecked mosquito and insect population. This goes from rural Florida, to the Caribbean, to Siberia to any place you will get repeatedly bit.


A good tactic to use in defense is of course to have plenty of bug spray. If you spray yourself down every few hours it will keep much of the threats at bay and decrease chances of infection. You are most vulnerable while you sleep however, which is why a good mosquito net is irreplaceable.

Types of nets

There are many different types of accommodations you might find yourself with especially in areas where mosquitos with disease are present. The nets that are suspension options: bell shaped, box shaped, ridge shaped and wedge shaped are most common options to hang from a ceiling fixture that is already in place. Box shaped options are probably best for those who toss and turn a lot during the night.


Freestanding options are a better call when camping or using a room or facilities that don’t allow for a ceiling fixture. The downside of these is that they are bulkier and take up more space to pack.

Nets can be treated or untreated with Permethrin or Deltamethrin in order to keep mosquitos from even approaching the net. Nets have various hole counts per square inch. The level of airflow/coolness directly relates to the number of holes per square inch. Nets with more holes per square inch are more recommended for midge protection than mosquitoes.

Where to get Mosquito nets

Any number of specialty and various providers can be shopped from on Amazon. This of course supposes that you will be planning your travel purchase with time. However if you’re like many of us and forget this essential tool till the last minute, places like Bed Bath and Beyond, hunting and fishing stores like Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, Sports goods stores with camping sections and many local shops will offer good quality nets.



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