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Mission Beach: among San Diego’s foremost attractions


San Diego is a city on the water and curled around various bays, inlets and intercoastal waterways. With so many ins and outs and great claims of top beach spots it can take some inspection to find a truly perfect spot. Mission Beach stands out as an intriguing spot that captures some of the most scenic nature, historic streets and quaint beach culture just minutes from the larger city.


At mission beach itself a great point of reference is the Belmont Park vicinity and the giant dipper old white rollercoaster that sits alongside the sands. This recreational facility has unlimited ride wristbands, bumper cars, a carousel and an arcade. In this area there is some roadside parking as well as ample parking during daylight hours in the public lots of Belmont Park and Santa Clara Point. It is more likely one will get a spot here in the public lots than on the many residential streets which are often full. The public facilities have bathrooms and showers, which are quite east to access.


IMG_5738 South Mission Beach Park and Belmont Park are great places to pull up a tent, some blankets and grills to enjoy the soft and rich lawns with unparalleled views of Bonita Cove. The beach itself is a nice long stretch that consists of generous waves, long sandy flats good for volleyball, soccer and other sports and the biggest attraction is certainly the boardwalk.


This dedicated pedestrian walking space is a popular place to stroll, walk, ride bikes and run. It goes the length of the entire beach and it connects beach houses, restaurants and access streets to the seaside activities. The beach is a popular spot, but it is not overwhelmingly crowded. The vibe is that of a younger crowd, but here one can see many families, dedicated surfers and people from all walks of life enjoying the beach side by side.


Most come to the beach via car, but there are public transit options available too. It is very common to rent bicycles in San Diego as well and these can easily be used to connect between the city and its coastal treasures. Rt. 27 Moves from the Old town through Pacific Beach and into Mission Beach. Rt. 30 on the MTS connects northward to scenic La Jolla beach and to the Old Town and modern downtown in the south.




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