Jun 21

Why not explore Miami your own way?




Miami is a place many tourists have a prepackaged idea of, but realistically it is a diverse town that you can enjoy at your own pace and taste. There are many Miami experiences which are considered essential: some touristy, some chic, but it is really a place to enjoy yourself, and so we advocate visitors enjoy the city through their own likes and preferences. This a great way to experience the city.


A place to see and be seen

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Miami is an exuberant city. Hot bodies, exciting music, expressive art are just some of the prized virtues here. It is such an outgoing town that it is really a place to people watch and there are many ways to do so. Sometimes it takes the form of enjoying an outdoor cafe. But one way which we’ve really enjoyed the city is to go for a run on South Beach, downtown or in any of the local preserves and parks. It is fascinating to run amidst the skyscrapers, beachfront and historic mansions and immerse yourself in the near constant sunshine. 



A city with many faces



Miami offers every type of neighborhood and experience. A classy downtown, miles of beaches, working class neighborhoods, mansion filled suburbs. There is great public transit, car rentals are plentiful and almost any kind of tour in between exists. So its possible to experience the city in many different ways. If you like nightlife, restaurants, hotels and bars it is swarming with them, but there are many small restaurants, wonderful grocery stores and farmers markets as well as art of every style and price tag.




Come to play and spend

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Miami is as synonymous with relaxation as it is with shopping and fashion. Some care to go and hit the boutiques and trendiest spots like Bal Harbour Shops or Lincoln Road Mall. But this isn’t the only was to score great fashion. Just outside of town is Sawgrass Mills, one of the largest outlet malls in the world and a place where we’ve easily spent the whole day exploring major and minor brands.




Get in, get out, move around


Miami by its situation holds a natural draw. Tourism is exciting, it has abundant natural beauty and it is one of the most well connected locations between the Americas and Europe. Flights and cruises in and out of here are very at competitive prices.




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