May 21

Miami International Airport Review



As a whole, Miami International Airport is quite complex and large. This has benefits and downsides for passengers and we will highlight what those are in our description of the airport, as it exists today.


International Connectivity:


Probably one of the best aspects of this airport is its connectivity to the International community. Essentially this is one of the best gates to the Caribbean and Latin America. However it is not the only option. In recent years Huston, Newark, New York and Los Angeles have really expanded their offerings as well. So Miami often has good rates and routes, but it might not be the only option. For flights to Europe the cost can depend on the season and it is often higher than other major U.S. cities.




Congestion is unavoidable on the whole in the Miami metro area and the airport is no exception. The pick up and drop off lanes can be quite packed at peak times, but the traffic flow is at least understandable and every terminal is accessible along the same drop off and pick up circle, one just needs to pay attention to the posted signs so as not to miss the airline. They seem to be listed alphabetically overall. Be sure and save plenty of extra time for arrival and departure, once inside the airport is famous for its long lines, slow moving security and long walks between terminals and baggage claim.




Logistically is where the airport has the most room to improve. It is certainly no small task to manage and average of 107,000 daily passengers, but it is often the atmosphere and interior layout of the airport that contribute to its own clumsiness. Often TSA agents, Airline Representatives and service providers have a worn down and lackadaisical approach to their work. The various terminals are a hybridization of old facilities mixed with upgrades over the years and new projects, it sends a confusing message, to passengers to see worn down and nice parts of the airport interwoven. Likewise employees could better render services if held to higher standards of efficiency.




There is certainly no shortage of shops and places to spend time and money at Miami International. There is a chapel on site, good affordable connections to the city center and beaches, currency exchange, conference rooms, a baggage checkroom and a large airport hotel. There are loads of hotels in the immediate vicinity with free shuttles that circulate every 20 minutes or so. Lamentably, wifi is only free for select travel websites, otherwise it can be purchased. There are also spa and language services available too.




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