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How to enjoy Mexico City in a leisurely day trip

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Like any big capital Mexico City goes on for miles and the people who live there could probably not know every inch of it in the course of a lifetime, so why should you as a tourist try this silly feat? Instead focus on what is manageable and truly outstanding. Going to Mexico City can be a great weekend adventure as we recently discovered and it will have you in awe with just a few scenic wonders. 


A manageable itinerary

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A good day trip in Mexico City starts well with getting in the day before. Hop a plane and arrive to the airport. You can take the metro to any point in town for around $0.10 USD in contrast to a taxi which will cost $40.00. There are a great many hotels to choose from. The basic all the way through the opulent.



This is a great place to start off as it is central and the main square in Mexico City. It is the center of attention today much as it was during the great Aztec empire. It is bordered by all sorts of Cathedrals, Palaces an entrance to the subway, rooftop restaurants and it boasts a large flag raising and lowering ceremony daily.


Palacio Nacional,

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This is the heart and soul of where the country’s political life revolves. The palace is adorned with some of the country’s finest artwork and artifacts. What is more it is open to the public, being closed on Monday’s only. Otherwise it is 9am-5pm on weekdays and 10am-5pm on weekends. The architecture alone is fascinatingly worth a look.

Catedral metropolitana,

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Conveniently located along the same Zocalo where you began, this is the largest and oldest Cathedral in Latin America. In recent years a massive renovation effort restored the threatened building. Every inch of the building is covered in ornate stone, metal, gems and artwork. It is a site of impressive sacred music compositions as well as many guided tours.

Museo del templo mayor,

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For a 57MXP fee you can see one of the city’s newest attractions, the uncovered site of the ancient temple complex. The museum is open 9am-5pm Tuesday through Saturday. There are temporary exhibitions, an auditorium, a library, guided tours, museum miniguide.


Plaza garibaldi,

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This is the home of mariachi bands if there ever was one. Imagine their music ringing in the square live at almost any waking hour. The area had a reputation for being unsafe but recent developments are underway to make it a more invitingly historic part of town.


Square of the three cultures,

The Square of the Three Cultures is represented on this spot as the Aztec city of Tlatelolco, the Colonial Cathedral of Santiago, and the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (Department of Foreign Affairs) building. This is a square where many bloody massacres have occurred in history and so it is rich in symbolism.

The house of tiles

This is a famous piece of art and architecture that belonged to generations of wealthy families. It is covered in rich tile designs and it has a savory and stylish restaurant within where the micheladas are rumored to be quite good.

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