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What to see and do in Merzifon Turkey



Out in the vast Anatolian plains there are loads of little town and cities that have held significant historic posts and their charm is still evident. Merzifon is a small and historic town full of charm in the Anatolian province of Amasya. Historically it is the city where Ottoman rulers where trained in the arts of leadership and it has a long history of archeology going back to the visible rock tombs seen about town.


Ways to reach here:

The city of Merzifon is 325km from the capital Ankara and 40km west of Amasya. What is good about getting here is that it lies on the main road from the capital Ankara to the Black Sea Coastal city of Samsun. A bus is the best way to reach here from Ankara. The cost should be around $15 USD and the trip time around 4.5 hours. The bus company KamilKoc provides rides every thirty minutes departing from Ankara Otogar station. Buses are plentiful, affordable and safe in Turkey as a means of getting around.



Top things to see:

Pasha Mosque a 17th century structure built by one of the most famous Ottoman rulers ever Grand Vezir Kara Mustafa Pasha, there is also a shadervan inside it worth seeing.


Historic sites are the Pasha Hamam and the Double Hamam. The Bedesten Bazaar and the Celebi Sultan Mehmet Madrasa and Mosque. There is also a famous kofta restaurant called Ciloşoğlu.


Local things to try:


Local cuisine is a treat which will allow visitors to savor some very parochial takes on Turkish food and cooking. Keskek is a bulgur and chicken dish, while Merzifron flatbread is pide. The tandir rolled grape leaves stuffed with beans and meat is well regarded. Yanuc is a one of a kind pastry stuffed with cheese, spinach potatoes and meat, it is considered the one dish no one should leave Merzifron without trying.



Photo Credit “Merzifon-sofular-cami” by LordReco – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons http://tinyurl.com/pcclmcu




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