Feb 18

How to take a bus between the Medellin airport and city center


Medellin is a city that occupies a very unique position high in the mountains of Central Colombia. The city itself occupies a broad open valley, but the surrounding peaks and massive towers and skyscrapers make landing an airplane tricky business.


Thus there is a small airport inside the city and a newer larger international airport about forty-five minutes away.  Taxi cabs are certainly plentiful all around the airport and all throughout the city, and the price is reasonable for the distance and compared to taxis in most places. There are as well many buses that go from the airport to the center of the city, from the city center to the airport and buses that connect the numerous little towns in the hills surrounding Medellin. It really is an impressive, efficient and affordable way to get around.


While some might simply go with a taxi, the savings one can gain by taking a bus are noticeable and with buses departing every fifteen minutes starting from 4:00am onwards from the San Diego Bus Terminal (there seems to be a bit of confusion about the first departure time different places online, but we were there at that time and caught a bus no problem.) The price is around 7,000 COP which is the equivalent of $4 and buses leave every 15 minutes or so.



The timing was equal to that of a cab, the ride comfortable with space in the back for luggage storage and for those who seek to get the most out of quality for value based traveling, this is the best way to move to and from the Medellin airport for minimal cost.








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