Jul 11

Marriott San Jose Costa Rica: An urban escape with colonial appeal


Conveniently located at the crossroads of the transit, business, manufacturing and outskirts sector of San Jose Costa Rica, the Marriott property is an immediately charming place that brings together the best elements of this treasured city. The hotel is definitely a place for business and conferences, while at the same time serving as a reference point for tourism, recreation and relaxation too. The biggest attraction and success of this property is signature Marriott service that caters to every need and atmosphere.


The Marriott in San Jose is a stellar property. It occupies the grounds of a coffee farm which is still maintained for production. The indigenous greenery and fertile slopes of the central valley surround the whole environment allowing one unparalleled glimpses of the city while at the same time giving and air of privacy and protection.


IMG_5271The hotel is certainly a buzz of activity day into night. The conferences, arrivals and departures, expeditions and business activities fill its public halls and stately ballrooms. However for all this activity it certainly feels homey and spacious. The architecture and décor are that of an abundant hacienda. Every inch of space is filled with comfortable furniture, colonial style pillars, tiles, gardens and arches. Down to the smallest details no expense is left unspared with the distinctive rich woods, centuries old paintings and skillfully wrought facades.


The Hotel offers spacious rooms with bright and airy confines. We received an excellent upgrade and the suite boasted ornate yet modern designs. One of the simplest pleasures is to explore all the atriums and walkways inside and outside the hotel. The verdant golf driving range with a quaint country chapel on its lawn is just a taste of the eye candy. The hotel offers excellent cuisine at and the Kuo Spa comes with a generous sampling of treatments and stunning Jacuzzi, sauna and steam facilities. The gym is new and appealing too. Complimentary parking is a great bonus for those renting a car to explore the surrounding city and countryside.


IMG_5284Dining can be had in flavorful abundance on site with the International venue known as Antigua. This venue is open for all three meals and has a variety of culinary expressions. La Isabela is where the treasures of tapas and great vintages can be sought in the evenings. The business lounge is also a comfy and well served space too. Staff in the hotel were exceedingly friendly and most attentive to any needs or concerns. It is obvious that they take great pride in their work.


There is an eclectic gift shop and café right on site too where one can enjoy locally made foods and delicacies or get some handmade souvenirs and excellent coffee’s for mementos. The Marriott San Jose has an unforgettable character, one that is unmistakably Costa Rican, so a stay in this city-side luxury will acquaint one with the true hospitality, beauty and enjoyment that is typical of life here.






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