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Hotel Marriott Rive Gauche, Paris France



Paris is a peculiar market for travelers. On the one hand there are amazing hotels which usually come with expensive bills or there are many others that can still be somewhat expensive but not so good. It is nice to find in this city a hotel such as the Marriott Rive Gauche that delivers a great service in a good location with fair price, I will say there are not many hotels in Paris that offer such a great combination.

It is not hard to reach the hotel since it is located just steps from two metro stations. So from any of the main airports it should not take more than 45 minutes using public transportation. From there one can move virtually to any part of the city using the metro system. This is a newer section of the Latin quarter but there are several nice bistros and restaurants around. Entering the hotel one has a great first impression with a nice lobby more typical of a good American business hotels. This may not be the place for those who want an idealized and romantic experience of paris, but it is the one for those who look for a reliable hotel.

The Check-in was done fast and professionally, The room was not ready, but they tried to speed up the process with housekeeping even when it was still early in the morning. We got a room on the executive level. The room itself was well kept and nicely appointed, maybe a little small, but this is not unusual in Paris.The view was certainly pleasant extending all the way to Sacre Coeur. This kind of room granted us access to the Executive Lounge, service in the lounge was excellent they offered coffee, fruits, several kinds of soft drinks and other snacks were available during the day and they really tried to maintain the place well stocked. At night wine and beer with heavy hours d’oeuvres were served, the food was of good quality. Note that this service is only available on weekdays. The lounge offered as well free access to internet, computers and printers. In an expensive city like this, the access to the lounge is certainly appreciated.

Breakfast was served in the main restaurant and I have to admit that the selection of items and the service once again was excellent. We really enjoyed our first meal of the day in a nice enviroment and with so many healthy options.
The only side down of the hotel was the lack of amenities -something once again not uncommon in Paris- there is no pool nor steam bath. The Gym is run by a private company, there was no one around to help the guests and more than half of the machines did not work. They can certainly do something better with the gym.
On the other hand the concierge was very friendly and efficient offering good orientation about the city with first hand information about the best places to visit.

Overall the experience in this Marriott was great. It is a good business hotel that comes with an affordable bill for an overpriced city like Paris. I certainly will not hesitate to recommend this Marriott to anyone who wants to visit Paris and still enjoy a reliable hotel with good service. I myself will happily book this hotel again for a business or a pleasure trip to the City of Light.





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