May 19

Hotel Review: Marriott Munich



Munich has several properties in the Marriott family, but by far the best value for a business or tourism visitor comes at the Marriott itself. The hotel is situated about halfway between the airport and the city center. This might seem a bit distant for the property name, but it turns out to be a good setting for several reasons.


First of all Munich’s old town is quite compact. Many of the luxury hotels are squeezed amidst centuries old palaces and buildings. This can be a rare treat to stay in such historic confines but practically speaking the price is very high and the amenities are limited. By contrast the Marriott has plenty of space for its rooms and amenities and it occupies a quiet neighborhood.


munich1As far as transit goes, the Marriott Munich is located just a few stops on the underground line (U6) from Munich city center. Once above ground it is a two minute walk to the hotel. The trains run often and late so it makes for easy access. Compared to other hotels of the same quality this makes the rates for a stay much more affordable than elsewhere in Munich.


It is easy to see that the hotel is a popular business option and a place for tourists as well. The welcoming lobby and adjacent restaurants are often full and service is speedy. Upon Check in our rewards status was recognized, upgrades were given and even some welcome snacks provided. The hotel had a technology issue with internet during our stay which persisted for hours, yet they were apologetic and tried to keep us informed of the progress. The rooms were clean and updated and the overall décor of the hotel was modern, smart and appropriate, nothing seemed out of order.


P1030125The evening happy hour for guests with rewards status was actually held in the lobby. There was the possibility of inviting an outside guest for a reasonable price as well. The food selections were good with a range of drinks included. Overall interactions with the staff were efficient and friendly. The spa and health club were open for all hotel guests, something which was certainly appreciated. Again being outside the city proper allowed for a decent sized complex for health and fitness.


The daily breakfast was well done and had a range of good options. The in house sports bar is a popular place and even the surrounding neighborhood has grocery stores, bakeries and coffee shops if one wants to enjoy the more local side of life. Taxis are available outside the hotel as well for an even quicker lift back to the city or airport, otherwise the train is easy to use. Overall the hotel was a pleasant experience in Munich, a great place fro which to explore and relax in the city.




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