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Marriott Playa Andaluza: Estepona, Spain

A Marriott Vacation Club Recommendation

Marriott Playa Andaluza is a great spot from which to enjoy the Costa del Sol

Marriott Playa Andaluza is a great spot from which to enjoy the Costa del Sol


Marriott boasts several properties along Spain’s golden Costa del Sol. One which offers an excellent stay in a vacation club setting is the Marriott Playa Andaluza. This beachfront resort is made up of apartments which are used by owners and guests alike. One is settled here between the majestic peaks of Andalusia in the background and a sprawling coastline full of lively towns. The culture is fantastic and the climate is attractive year round.


For those unfamiliar with this type of accommodation, the rooms and services are different than what is found at a regular hotel. Marriott of course runs the property and maintains it to their logistical standards, but the rooms are apartments of various sizes, built for longer stays and more independent living conditions. Most apartments have at least a kitchenette and others a full kitchen. For this reason there is no room service, or many other of the details one would find in a typical hotel. Here things are set up with the idea that the guest and or apartment owner will function more in the mindset of a second home. One who has certain Marriott status privileges should know beforehand that such benefits often do not count here. Things like check out occur much earlier (10am) and the overall approach is that the guest will look after their own needs.


The modern and artistic apartments are well furnished and exclusive

The modern and artistic apartments are well furnished and exclusive

The Hotel has an excellent layout in an otherwise crowded coastline. Apartments are centered around well manicured lawns and gardens. The architecture is a bit of modern comfort mixed with an Andalusian vibe. Apartments all have basic functionality and range from one to three bedroom accommodations. There is daily housekeeping, which is not always common in such types of accommodations. There are on site dining facilities and a mini market with an ample supply of products. Almost all guests have rental cars due to the location and there is spacious underground parking, which allows one to be right underneath the building wherein one is staying. There is basic free internet available all around the property.


The rate does not include breakfast unless specified and no rewards status will secure it, still a breakfast buffet is available for around 15 Euros. The campus is full of winding pathways and tropical foliage. Each building is very close to outdoor pools, various recreational facilities and an excellent gym all with the newest equipment. In the same area is an inviting indoor pool, steam rooms and several Jacuzzi’s. The spa has a full range of treatments and experiential plunge pools for relaxation.


The golden sands and intimate beach allows for maximum relaxation

The golden sands and intimate beach allows for maximum relaxation

The beach area is intimate and reserved. Here one can find plenty of comfortable chairs, and well-combed golden sands and unparalleled sights and sounds of the Mediterranean Sea.  For those looking further afield there are plenty of recommendations available in the reception area about packaged tours of the mountains, nearby golf activities, gastronomic excursions and all kinds of water sports events. One is never too far from town itself so there is plenty of local culture to enjoy just a few minutes away.


All things considered it is an excellent property. The facilities are many and spotlessly maintained; the possibilities for a relaxing vacation are all in order. For one who regularly enjoys Marriott benefits and services the experience here is bound to be different than the normal hotel experience, but part of traveling is always knowing exactly what one is getting into, so if you’re looking for a relaxing and more independent holiday at the beach, this will certainly be a recommended place.





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