Feb 12

Hotel Review: Mandarin Oriental Sanya



If you live in the Western Hemisphere and you haven’t yet heard of Sanya, it may be understandable, however for engaged travelers hungry to experience the world’s luxury hotspots, a trip here is non-negotiable. For starters it is a tropical island with an ever expanding range of top hotel brands. Couple that with amazing beaches, nature, city markets, golf and water sports, this is the luxury adventure capital of China.



The Sanya resort is spread out and spacious. Even the smallest villas are abodes with plush furniture, tropical decorations and inviting beds. Much like royal palaces around the world, the property is intimate, with layers upon layers to discover. The local vegetation provides lush green cover that make balconies, pools, restaurants, the beach and spa all little enclaves unto themselves. Mandarin excels in making each guest feel unique and privileged at every moment of a stay.


The hotel occupies a full length beachfront along the coral bay  While the city is worth exploring, one won’t have to leave the hotel at all, if simply staying put is your plan. There is Fresh a seafood restaurant, authentic Cantonese cuisine at Yi-Yang, Cocktails at the Cliff lounge are spectacular with all day dining and complementary breakfast feasts. The wine cellars are in no danger of going dry with 2500 bottles from over 200 different producers.


The Spa at Mandarin Oriental  has won Best Destination Spa of the Year several times and within its 3200 square meters of generous space, it is easy to determine why. This is an abode of exclusivity and refreshment. There are 18 spa suites, each comes with changing rooms a steam bath, rain showers and a soaking bathtub. The treatment menu is extensive and there is a massive pool, fountains and garden sanctuary within which one can enjoy the tropical cross-breezes.


Water sports can be arranged on site and inland trekking, boat tours and especially Sanya’s premiere Golf courses are at one’s disposal. Just a few minutes down the road lies Luhuitou Golf Course, a professional grade challenge. All things considered, the Mandarin Oriental Sanya is one of the premiere properties in the extensive portfolio of the chain. It captures the magic of a tropical getaway, surrounds it with privacy and pampering and delivers an unforgettable experience of luxury.





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