Feb 17

I believe Malaysia is a wonderful destination despite what other travel bloggers say

malaysiaThis past week I read a tweet from someone who claims to be an experienced travel blogger about his trip to Malaysia. The name of the post was “the cost of traveling for 15 days in Malaysia”.

The post turned to be a criticism of Malaysia as a tourist destination, he claimed in his article that it is a boring destination, that Kuala Lumpur is an unsafe city and that even places advertised as nice such as Langkawi are overrated.

His main point is that someone robbed him in Kuala Lumpur, that alcohol is expensive in the country and that Malaysian Islands do not have the same party vide than Thailand.

The fact that someone robed him in Kuala Lumpur does not mean that it is an unsafe city. As a matter of fact Kuala Lumpur is quite safe compare to many other cities with the same size. I have been there in many opportunities and people always is very friendly and respectful. I admire how clean itand how organized everything is.

I am actually glad that there is not the same party vibe in Malaysia than in other similar destinations. I love Thailand, but I always feel sad to see how people from around the world just get there to do whatever they want. I am glad that there are still many places where to go in Thailand and to be in peace and tranquility.

There are not shortage of nightlife options in Malaysia. Just in Kuala Lumpur there are many amazing restaurants and bars, pubs and discos. Alcohol may be a little more expensive than in other countries, but for someone who drinks with moderation and who prefer quality over quantity that is not a problem.

Malaysia is a fantastic destination, it represents a great value for travelers. High class hotels are quite affordable. It is a country with beautiful nature and landscapes. People is very friendly and welcoming of visitors.

Those who enjoy shopping will find that Kuala Lumpur is perfect for them, there are so many shopping centers. Malaysia is a exciting and a funny destination, those who claim that it is boring maybe never have spent Christmas or Chinese New Year, Malaysians indeed know how to party.

From the first time I visited Malaysia years ago I felt in love with the country, I still visit it frequently and never get tired or bored, there is so much to explore and so much to see. I looking forward to be back soon!


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