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Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge Kuala Lumpur Airport



The so-called Satellite A building is one of the most common places of transit, arrival and departure for International flights in and out of the Malaysian capital. This terminal is reached by a short train, which connects from the main check in area. Once inside it is easily navigable playing host to several lounges, restaurants, souvenir shops and facilities. One of the most impressive lounges is the one which Malaysia Airlines operates.


Known as MAS Golden Lounge this is used for Malaysia Airlines flights and it is standard to give access to business and first class passengers. And as they are a member of One World there can be some possible entries for members of that rewards program with a certain level of status as well as other rewards programs which may direct here.


Inside this modern and stately hall has plenty of room to spare and a little bit of everything to entertain. It is the ideal place for a really long layover. Just inside the welcome desk one can find small storage lockers with keys provided to store smaller carry-on bags. The ceiling is lit with hundreds of small lights, which give the right amount of light for soft reading, napping or lazily watching TV. There are dedicated quiet zones for reading, a newspaper and magazine section and a fully equipped business center with all electronic and printing needs covered complimentary.


The lounge area gives the appearance of a giant hall, but it also has some nice compartment areas. There is a sports bar just as one walks in with various TV showing different sports. The seating areas by windows enjoy floor to ceiling glass which give a great perspective of the runway. The food service area is a real diversified kitchen. Here one can find premium ice-cream, a café section with croissants, cakes, pastries and various breakfast items. There are plenty of tea and coffee variations available. There is a whole setup of Malaysian and Asian delicacies with lots of curries and rice. There are plenty of Western options available too for travelers of every taste and option. In terms of food quality and service it is one of the best lounges we’ve seen.


Several utility rooms exist at the back of the layout. One is a lounge and play area for children. There is even a game room for adults just nearby with several video game consoles and popular games for tourists to pass the time. All around the lounge there are places to watch the news or popular cable channels and it is spread out enough so as not to disturb those who wish to read or rest.


There is a small room for massages which runs around 30 minutes for $30 USD. This is an elevated price for Asia to be sure, but understandable inside the airport. In addition there are shower facilities and sinks. Basic toiletries and towels are provided and much like in other places there is a sign up list and there may be a slight wait. The facilities are clean, but are not the newest or the most luxurious we’ve seen. Overall the staff were present and abundant. It was very easy to find service and the layout and atmosphere was conducive to preparing for a trip in serenity and calm.



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