May 28

The Marriott Auditorium Hotel is our recommended best Airport Hotel in Madrid, Spain

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On a recent transcontinental trip from the Americas to Asia we had the opportunity transfer flights in Madrid, Spain and spend an overnight. It was really a great way to break up an otherwise 48 hour journey in flight and airports. Marriott is always a reliable standard of hotel service and quality for the price, but we were especially excited and pleased at our experience at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel. 


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On of the first and best features is the proximity of the hotel to the airport. It is not in walking distance but there is a wonderful free shuttle which comes and goes for guests at regular intervals. There is also a free shuttle to a nearby shopping center and we were graciously offered a complimentary ride when we requested directions to a nearby department store.


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Even though our stay was a simple overnight we were treated like guests who were staying for a week. Hospitality was evident from the moment of check in, to the wonderful upgrade, stellar lounge service and dedicated personnel at every encounter we had. The hotel is particularly noteworthy for a European property where space is at a premium. Here there are over 800 rooms, on site and the accommodations are not cramped and all public areas of the hotel are tastefully decorated with classic and modern forms of art.


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Some of the hotel’s most noteworthy characteristics for us were the comfy bed, soundproof rooms, the free wifi, expansive pool and fitness center.The executive lounge was a surreal space with midday snacks, hors d’ oeuvres, desserts and drinks from 7am-11pm.

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Whether you are transiting through Madrid on an overnight or flying in or out and need proximity to the airport, this is a wonderful property with an aesthetically pleasing environment, tasteful hospitality and logistical usefulness which can make your trip that much more enjoyable.



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