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One of travel’s most dramatic nature sites: Madeira in Portugal



Cliffs, rock formations and dramatic drop offs make some of the most beautiful places in the world. The island of Madeira tops our list for sure and in spite of being in the Atlantic Ocean is easily reachable from Portugal. 


Getting in is easier than you think

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Unlike other island getaways Madeira can be affordably reached from Portugal on regular and low cost airlines. The capital is Funchal and it is stunning, but head just 15 minutes outside and see some of the wildest landscapes anywhere.


The best cliffs on the island


Renting a car is possible and drivers should exercise caution on the windy and steep roads with tunnels all around. It is possible to make one’s way to Ponta de São Lourenço via the 113 bus to Caniçal and a little walking as well. This is the link to the timetable:


Sao Jorge

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This unique village is certainly as far from Funchal as one can get. The rhythm of life is laid back but what is particularly special is that the seacoast road goes up and down the ridges and valleys exposing dramatic land formations but also little secluded beaches filled with black volcanic sand and other little inlets where ocean waves come crashing right up onto rock walls violently.


Pico Ruivo

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This peak of the island is a fascinating climb where dramatic folds of volcanic rock move from a subtropical climate at sea level up to an almost chilly mountain top which is often at or above the clouds. On a clear day you can see in almost every direction of the island or at least the ocean on two sides of it. The trail is scenic and the view very rewarding.


Cabo Girao

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Europe’s highest cliff face has a skywalk and very developed tourist center around it on which around 1400 people pass per day. The skywalk is made of glass and the views are commanding. It is not far out of the way in Funchal and it is also the second highest sea cliff in the world.






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