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Authentic Macanese cuisine in Macau


The unique blend of two very distinct cultures is what defines Macau where you can see Bhuddist temples next to centuries old churches. It doesn’t end there however, the colonial rule of Portugal has left some very distinct impacts on the culture especially in the resulting Macanese food. 


There are many good restaurants where one can partake of the East meets West fusion, but one of the most decorated and tasty has to be that of chef Antonio Coelho’s Authentic Portuguese cuisine. It can be found in the quaint and unassuming town of Taipa, which offers historic colonial wonders in the shadow of the massive casino’s and hotels that surround it. 


The restaurant suggests reservations because it is squeezed into two floors of a typical Macanese home. We were able to walk in and get a table on a slower day but this seemed like the exception to the rule. The restaurant proudly displays its various awards and accomplishments on its exterior walls, but don’t be fooled you won’t find any pretentiousness inside, just smiling staff, a home like atmosphere and some darn good food.


As vegetarians we found one page of the menu that accommodated us. The Portuguese are heavy on meat and seafood as are the Chinese, so its no wonder most of the dishes are concentrated in this realm. The food is served in correct portions and it is a custom here to order various plates and take from them and put it on your own plate family style rather than each one serving themselves something individual.


The environment was great, the typical Portuguese tile, Fado music playing in the background, a comprehensive list of Portuguese wines and some of the best products both places have to offer. Service was prompt and exemplary and best of all the price was good for a gourmet, yet home style meal. 


The address of the restaurant is Rua de los Clerigos #7 Taipa Macau



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