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Luxury shopping in Doha, Qatar



Doha, Qatar is one of the most amazing destinations for shopaholics. Sophisticated shopping centers, very attractive prices and first class facilities make this capital a must see for anyone that not only wants to do a little sightseeing, but to spend countless hours in the modern malls. Here are some tips and a summary of some of the best places to visit in Doha where one can buy anything from luxury items to traditional souvenirs.

Transportation: Doha is a very modern capital, with easy and very affordable transportation options. There is a developed public bus network, but for those who look to take good advantage of their time taxis are affordable, abundant and available everywhere. Taxis are metered and normally offer very friendly service, just do not forget to cary with you the address of your hotel to do not have problems getting back.



Abundant options for shopping: Like the other neighbors in the Middle East, in Qatar shopping is one of the main activities for locals and visitors alike. There are all kinds of possibilities and venues from huge shopping centers to street markets and luxury department stores and excellent grocery stores where one can buy almost any product from around the world.



The Villagio Mall: It is probably the biggest and most luxurious shopping center. It is an integrated project with a five star hotel, many restaurants, theaters, department stores, supermarkets and boutiques. It takes around 20 minutes to reach the Villagiao from anywhere in the downtown. The interior design is fascinating, it recreates a Venetian village, one can even take a ride in a gondola. Some of the most recognized brands have a presence there. One can spend perfectly a whole day in this mall and not see everything.



The Gate: It is another of the biggest shopping centers, it has a more modern and sleek design. One can shop in the gate for recognized brands such as La Martina, Breitling and Zegna. Located in the heart of Downtown, it offers easy access. Very close by one can find several others smaller shopping centers, grocery and department stores.



Some other shopping centers:  There are many more options in Doha such as the City Centre (one of the biggest and most traditional malls), Royal plaza and the landmark.



Shopping for souvenirs: Al Souq Waquif is the place to go to experience one of the most traditional venues in Doha. There are many great restaurants and shops where one can buy local products, textiles, gold and handcrafts. It is a good place to visit any time of the day where it feels that one has been immersed in the past with an incredible blend of the present. The Museum of Islamic art, located very close by to the souq besides of being a must visit for any tourist has a great gift shop where one can buy for souvenirs.



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