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Fashion isn’t just to wear but to eat too: Armani, Gucci? Yes, these are amazing restaurants to explore

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Until recently the best way to incorporate your love of luxury brands into traveling would be to bring your designer bag, excellent suit, overcoat or phone cover along with you. Now these luxury brands are meeting their fans in other areas associated with travel. They are opening restaurants and hotels especially that embody the signature design and luxury amenities that fans of the brand and purveyors of all things luxury can appreciate. 



This brand snagged some prime real estate when they opened the world’s first Armani hotel in the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The theme of the hotel tries to match the comfort and harmony of the clothing style. Amenities like a lifestyle manager bring the essentials of the brand to life and experience in the guests. Armani has many cafes in high end malls especially in the Middle East.



This world famous Japanese restaurant broke into the hotel scene first in Las Vegas and now has properties in Manila and around the world. The restaurant itself is such a draw in other locations and hotels the brand though why not build their own? Partnerships between Chef Nobu and various celebrities have made the properties a successful venture so far.



The famous Italian luxury brand has bespoke rooms at its select properties and it celebrates the contemporary and stories past of Italian design and decor. In order to make the transition to the hotel industry they have partnered with Marriott International’s luxury division to get the hotel science right. Their properties include ones in Milan, Tokyo, Bali, London.



Gucci opened a full service restaurant in Shanghai at the IAPM mall. There are also a Gucci cafes at their museum in Florence and in Tokyo. Everything from place settings, silverware and napkins are designed with the brands exquisite taste.



With cafes in London, Seoul and Milan travelers can experience refined delicacies in the plush environs of designer Dior. There is also a summertime pop up restaurant in San Tropez which fits very nicely into the packed luxury of that town.


Roberto Cavalli:

This renowned fashion designer has opened luxury cafes in Kuwait, Dehli, Beirut and San Tropez. The decor and swank are a throwback to glitz and glamor of a golden age, which happens to be right now.


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