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Food, history and trends make Lima a city not to be missed in Peru

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Lima in the past has been seen as a city on the periphery of travel destinations. As a city of 10 million people it may seem chaotic and overwhelming but our recent visit has shown it to be a real gem in Peru’s progressive culture. This metropolis is a home for great hotels, some of the best restaurants in the world and one of the most pristine colonial towns of Latin America.


Finding your way in Lima

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Once you land and get into Lima you will find yourself in the airport district of Callao. Don’t let this be your only impression of the city as its not a nice district, more a place for shipping and transit. We found our way to the nicer environs immediately as Uber is very affordable with polite drivers and good roads.


So where to stay then? When choosing where to stay Miraflores is where you will find the best accommodations in the city. The best hotels are here and there are affordable bed and breakfasts and hostels which are great for their affordability, hospitality and clenliness.


Trendy neighborhoods to frequent

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Miraflores is in the heart of the modern city of lima surrounded by Magdalena, San Isidro and Barranco all of which are affluent and culturally rich neighborhoods. Barranco is a bohemian artist district with its own historic center and literary cafes on every corner and with the beach just down the hill. Lima is a city with plentiful parks to relax, places to exercise and spots from which to see the city at a different pace.


History to explore

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Lima is a capital packed with history, there is no better place to begin than in Plaza Mayor. A visit to some of the beautiful churches, Santo Domingo, San Francisco and just walking all around a cultural heritage city will show structures and architecture around 500 years old. 


Gourmet capital of the Americas


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Lima hads gained a spot on the gourmet world stage with some of the best restaurants in the world being here: Astrid and Gaston, Central are leading the movement of new peruvian food and these are not the only ones the city is packed with all kinds of options.


It is easy to walk around and see ten restaurants within five minutes you want to eat at. Also some of the first vineyards of the new world were planted here. There are indeed wonderful local wines some of the most renowned names Intipalka, Tavernero and Tacama. It is possible to visit the vineyards 4 hours away in the town of Ica or if you are short on time go to Posito a wine store and go to any supermarket where you can find all the good wines there and everything that goes well with it made in Peru.


Lima is a conglomerate part of Peru’s transformation, it has spectacular history, courageous modern life and adventurous foodies. This is perfectly the city to start to end your trip in Peru, but it comes also as a perfect point of connection on any trip through South America.






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