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Airline Review: Kuwait Airways

Kuwait airways is an airline with commendably friendly service, good routes and excellent standards.

Kuwait airways is an airline with commendably friendly service, good routes and excellent standards.


This review of Kuwait Airways comes directly from a flying experience with the airline. In fact, is has been written mid-flight with Kuwait Airlines, so it is certainly from an up close and personal perspective.  Every airline review is like a look at the personality of the carrier. Some have lots of qualities, others have none and then there’s the whole range in between. Kuwait Airlines certainly has admirable attributes and what is better, they’re looking toward the future, something many established carriers have seemed to have forgotten.


The Airline has a long history with unique twists and turns that mirror the development of the country. It was first launched in 1954 with three DC-3s. The airline grew over the years to many international destinations and carried over a million and a half passengers annually. Following the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 the airline has to begin again from the ground up and it is now on a path to do so. The refurbishment of the fleet, ordering new airplanes, increasing international destinations and standing out for service are all part of the masterplan.


From the first moment of check in with Kuwait Air everything struck us as positive. The process was friendly and straightforward. Baggage allowances are standard for an international flight, with one checked and one carry on included. Boarding the aircraft was swift and hassle free. Our particular flight was on a large A300 plane. The aircraft was not the newest, but it was in very good condition with spacious seating, individual TV screens and ample overhead bin space. Entertainment choices are good, the TV’s are a little smaller since the plane is older. Seats have a nice incline poition, good foot space and are leather padded for comfort.


The spacious and comfortable settings of the Kuwait Airways aircraft

The spacious and comfortable settings of the Kuwait Airways aircraft


In flight service was exemplary. The airline provides a standard that reflects its rich Arabic traditions of welcoming and hospitality. Meal service was carried out expediently by a smiling and cheery crew. The food was of good quality and there were plenty of drinks circulated for good hydration. Cabin crew were always circulating in the plane and often anticipated needs by their astute attention. They are impeccably dressed and again ready and eager to serve.  The pilots gave good updates about the route in several languages and flying was handled well.


Travelers on board seemed to reflect a broad social cross section: students, businessmen, families and tourists of both national and international origins. Many of the routes flown by the airline to Europe have stopovers in one city, this allows for many people to experience the airline from the home country or between two outside destinations which gives greater flexibility to travelers and allows the carrier to be known by those who may never even visit Kuwait, a smart move for an airline with standards to be proud of.  All things considered Kuwait Airline is a great option to fly whether you’re headed to Kuwait or elsewhere. It is an airline that has a lot going for it and they are getting all the important things right in the on board experience. Surely this is something which will be beneficial for them in the achievement of their long-term goals.




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