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What to know before visiting the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia



The Kremlin is more than just a museum or a palace, its a cultural preserve, the seat of power, an architectural maze and a city within a city. We consider it one of Moscow’s best attractions and very worthwhile for all the history, art and architecture you can take in with one visit.



Plan ahead to get in when you want

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The way to get in is to locate Trinity Gate, its where the tickets are also sold.  The signs for the various museums and tours are posted in Russian and English. Expect longer lines in summer months and plan on getting here early. We were unguided tourists speaking no Russian and we successfully navigated the grounds and buildings and buy tickets without the help of a guide.

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Facilities open from 10:00 till 17:00 daily and it is closed on Thursdays. There is a souvenir shop, places to store luggage and occasional special events like lectures.



There’s a lot to see and a lot going on, your options are these

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There are several combinations of tickets to buy.

  • The general grounds admission
  • Assumption Cathedral
  • Ivan the great Bell tower
  • The Armory Museum
  • The Diamond fund and other specialized tours.


Be aware to check the Kremlin website in advance, state and religious functions often shut down part or all of certain facilities. The Lenin Masoleum has its own limited hours on Tuesday through Thursday and is located out in Red Square, it is recommended to get in line before 10:00am.

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What’s a best use of time and worthwhile to see in a day?


Our recommendation is to purchase a ticket for the grounds entrance fee and the armory. This will be more than enough to explore. The Churches and Bell Towers and special collections are good, but we only recommend them if you have lots of time in Moscow and would want to come back on another day. The grounds allow you to see the courtyards of these palaces and staterooms. The Armory tour unleashes all the treasures of Russian might and cultural power and achievement for a Millenia. There are 9 rooms featuring the luxurious treasures of the Tzars which can keep one occupied for the better part of the day.


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