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Krakow Airport to city center transit



Krakow Airport is a nice facility that is small and very uncomplicated to navigate. The city is located only about 25 minutes away and one can easily reach it via bus, train or taxi. Buses are the most economic, taxis have good rates and are quickest while the train is a short walk from the airport and goes to the same final destination of one of the buses.


By bus


There are two buses which pull up on the right hand side in front of terminal one, just follow the signs. One will need coins of small units (1-5 zloty) to pay the fares in the machine, so keep in mind to ask for small denominations when changing cash. The fare is around 4 zloty and pick the 90 minute ticket. Be sure to validate inside the bus. If you are running late jump inside the bus as there is an electronic ticket machine in the front as well. Of the two buses here are the numbers and routes:

Line 292 runs to Zablocie industrial district via Krakow’s central bus station every 40 minutes or so in daytime and every hour between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. This bus will pass many of the central spots and you are inside the city proper once you pass the soccer stadium.

Line 208 connects the Balice airport with the central bus depot and Krakow Glowny central train station and runs every hour from 4:55 a.m. to 9:25 p.m. Night bus #902 operates the same route, departing every hour till 1:25 a.m.



By train


The train comes from Krakow Glowny main rail station in the city center. The ride lasts around half an hour and runs from 4 am till midnight. A single one-way ticket costs 15 zloty. Visitors can purchase tickets on the train or from a ticket machine at the terminal. Trains arrive just outside the airport complex proper some 300 meters out by the main road, so it is a short walk. The station is called Balice the name of the town where the airport is located.


By Taxi

Taxi stands in front of the passenger terminals belong companies associated directly with the airport. Prices vary between 70-85 Zloty for a journey to central Krakow. Fares in Euros should never exceed 35 Euros to anywhere within the city of Krakow proper. Be aware of the risks of high prices and safety when taking an unauthorized taxi.




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