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Here’s the best day trip from Dubrovnik: Kotor, Montenegro



Kotor is a town situated in the Northern part of Montenegro. It is only 70 kilometers away from Dubrovnik in Croatia. Kotor is a wonderfully preserved medieval city, surrounded by walls situated in a spectacular bay overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Certainly Dubrovnik is a beautiful city, but visiting Kotor will allow you to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the coast in one of the youngest countries of the world. It comes as a perfect day trip for those visiting the Southern parts of Croatia. There are excellent restaurants, high class hotels and a whole range of tourist services. In the high season Kotor and the whole Mediterranean coast of Montenegro can be expensive. The low season continues offering great weather, particularly mild winters and prices really drop for the better.

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It is easy to get to Kotor. The international airport of Montenegro is located in Podgorica, the capital and it is only 90 kilometers away. A better option may be Dubrovnik international airport. This is actually closer to the Montenegro border than to the city of Dubrovnik itself.


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We have found the renting a car in Dubrovnik airport is a good and affordable option. Border formalities are not complicated, it is good to confirm of one needs a special visa depending on nationality. There are as well several public buses coming everyday from Dubrovnik Bus Terminal and Mostar, it takes 3 hours. It is possible as well to get a bus to Herceg Novi (the border) and transfer there, this option is more frequent (buses go from early morning to late night almost every half hour).

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The visitor to Kotor will find a delightful destination. A town full of history and high class. This is as well a paradise for the gourmet eater and those who enjoy good wine. Kotor is only the beginning of a country that offers fantastic places to discover. Montenegro is a small country, but when it comes to tourists possibilities it does not fall short of any other European destination.




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