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Have you ever considered Kosovo? We did and loved it!



Kosovo is one of the youngest countries of the world. It has gone through difficult moments of political instability. Like many other places people from outside keep remembering the bad things of the past. Kosovo is a country in which the internal situation has improved a lot and it is generally safe for visitors. One just has to be mindful of small peculiarities and prudent about not walking alone in certain places especially at night, but this is nothing too different than precautions one has to take in any other place.


Tourist infrastructure has improved a lot, there is a new terminal in the airport bringing al the comforts that a traveler may expect. Pristina International Airport actually receives flights from many different countries in Europe and it is not difficult to find a good deal. For tourists it is better to arrive via the International Airport, it is possible to enter the country using land borders, but even when tensions are low with Serbia, it is better to use the most simple way to enter the country, from here one can use public buses to reach the city or just hire a taxi.

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Pristina is a nice city and probably the friendliness of its people is its main attraction. New, modern hotels have opened in the last years, being still a very affordable destination. The nightlife of the small capital is vibrant, there are many pubs and coffee shops, it is impressive the mix of the Middle Eastern and European culture feeling that one can perceive all around. Kosovar food is hearty, delicious and very affordable. There are excellent restaurants and even the most luxurious ones cost just a fraction of what one pays in the capital city of another country.

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Exploring the rest of the country is a big part of the trip. We have gone all around and people are always very attentive with tourists. It is easy always to find someone who understands some English, they always look happy to welcome visitors. In our case we have always hired a cab by the day -which is as well tremendously affordable- Kosovo offers some very decent places to ski. Brezovica on the border with Macedonia is one of these. There are nice boutique hotels and many pubs and restaurants. Nature is certainly breathtaking, this is a beautiful place to visit in winter or summer.

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Pec or Peje is anoher lovely city about 40 miles west of the capital, it is easy to catch one of the many public buses going there. It has a beautiful old town and it is surrounded by impressive mountains. Pec is always used as a base for those who love hiking and fresh air.


Prizren is another city not far from Brezovika, it offers a well conserved Ottoman quarter and the ruins of a Roman castle, it is as well surrounded by rivers and mountains.


Gracanica Monastery is a must see when visiting Kosovo, it is located just 8 miles away from Pristina, it is listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO. This is a Serbian monastery with impressive architecture and history.


We will not hesitate to encourage anyone wishing to visit Kosovo. One just has just to keep in mind that infrastructure and tourism in general is still developing, but this is a beautiful destination to see. A place that is generally safe where one just has simply to avoid political topics and unsafe behaviors but a country that promises a great experience to the visitor.





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