May 11

Kuala Lumpur Airports Transit to City Center

KL city air train

KLIA and LCCT Airports


Like many of Asia’s mega cities, Kuala Lumpur is well connected to its airports in a variety of rail and roadway services. The transit means are affordable all round and efficient.


KLIA The main International Airport


KLIA Ekspres

The main international airport has the most transportation options. First among these is definitely the KLIA Ekspres. In just under a half hour this comfortable high speed train arrives directly inside the airport and correspondingly right in KL Sentral where one can branch out into the city metro network, or hop on a regional train or bus. The First train departs at 5.00am and last train departs at 12.30am from KL Sentral and 1.00am from KLIA Airport. According to time trans depart every fifteen minutes at peak hours and every half hour at slower hours. Fares are 35 RM one way 70 roundtrip and can be bought at the platform counters. Entering to the trains each way. There are cash machines or you can approach a cashier to pay with a major credit card.


Express coach

This bus transits between KLIA Airport and KL Sentral station with a one hour journey time. The first Bus from KLIA is at 06:30 and the last bus departs 00:30. The first bus from KL Sentral is 05:00 and the last is 00:00. Cost is 10 RM one-way and 18RM roundtrip. To get to places further afield in bus look up Star Shuttle in Puduraya, Sepang for Banting and Airport Liner for Nilai.



With so many good, efficient and affordable ways into town a taxi should really be the last call here. Even if you are staying further than KL Sentral, the integrated metro and monorail lines will often drop you within five minutes walk of almost any point in town. Taxis are known for inflated prices and it can be demanding to insist on the driver using the meter.


LCCT The low cost carrier terminal




The low cost carrier terminal is a more basic facility but it efficiently moves tons of passengers who take advantage of the excellent low cost airlines that connect all over Asia. Flights come and go from early till late and so the buses have later schedules than KLIA. Once one comes out of arrivals at KLIA follow the outside walkway all the way to the left, to the end of the terminal. Here there are many buses departing all hours as soon as they are full. Just make sure of the buses destination and fares are usually between 10 and 20 RM one way.




There is a shuttle bus that connects to the KLIA Ekspres allowing one to continue into town to KL Sentral. Take the shuttle bus from LCCT to Salak Tinggi. There hop on the KLIA Ekspres. From LCCT the first trip is 0720 and the last trip is 0030.



Shuttle between KLIA and LCCT Airports:


For those arriving at KLIA and require transfers to LCCT , take the glass lifts to the 2nd level and from there take the escalators down to the bottom level where the bus terminal is located. There are vans/buses leaving for LCCT every 20minutes. The fare costs only RM1.50 and take 20minutes travel time. Operational between 04:30 -00:00 daily.

For those arriving at LCCT and require transfers to KLIA, the vans/buses are located outside the arrival hall. The bus/van leaves every 20minutes. The fare costs only RM1.50 and takes 20minutes. Operational between 04:30 -00:00 daily.



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