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JW Marriott Hangzhou: modern luxury amidst time honored greatness in China


China’s Hotel market is an otherworldly experience for those who’ve enjoyed fantastic hotel names across the globe. It is just something above and beyond, the norm, service is so intuitive, direct and personalized one might think that the entire hotel staff are anticipating one’s every need. JW Marriott Hangzhou is a luxury establishment that brings honor to the time honored city that it occupies. It represents the refined and upscale experiences JW Marriott is known for worldwide and brings its own unique characteristics and hospitality into the experience as well.


From the moment of arrival we felt welcomed, expected and cared for. Check in was prompt and upgrades were issued with ease. Having made some previous purchase requests from the concierge we were immediate approached with our requested goods and we were told that we could reimburse them at any point during the stay. The staff have a good command of English and go out of their way to be interactive and friendly.


The suite to which we were upgraded embodied the height of urban class and appeal. It had the appearance more of an upscale apartment or a penthouse than a hotel. Technology was fully integrated with a myriad of lights, wall embedded tv’s, Bose sound system and remote controlled curtains. Walls were a rich hue of white and made of polished wood. Carpets and scenic tapestries inserted in the walls played on a color scheme of rich blues brilliant gold and vibrant reds. The furniture was modern and sleek yet entrancingly comfortable. The bathrooms were inlaid with ornate stonework and the bed was an invitation to impressive relaxation.


A look at the hotel's impressive grandeur and charm

A look at the hotel’s impressive grandeur and charm

The hotel itself has the appeal of a high end luxury destination in every aspect. What makes it very nice is that in the rooms that luxury signifies comfort and in the public areas of the hotel it is expressed in grand, splendid and ornate confines. The lobby is an intimate alcove next to the elevators that is efficiently run. The rest of the floor space is occupied by Asia Bistro, where daily breakfast and Asian delicacies are made in front of you all day through. The Lounge is the name of the dazzling bar and meeting space that occupies the bulk of the lobby. The second floor brings one into contact with several other high end restaurants and steak houses which are trendy, succulent and eager to please.


The Executive lounge is a great one. It continually offers snacks and drinks all day long while having a dedicated breakfast, tea time and hot h’orderves service each day. Staff in the lounge are truly dedicated, attentive and eager to please. It offers spectacular views of the city and the surrounding shopping district within which the hotel is aptly placed. One can see nearby Wulin Square, a further afield West Lake and several pagodas on the horizon.


A great place to stay and socialize isn’t just defined by its lounges and rooms. The hotel offers an exceptional fitness, spa and recreation center. There is ample space given to these luxuries and it temps the guests to spend lots of time there to be sure. The gym offers commanding views of the surrounding cityscape and has lots of cardio and muscle training machines all of which are brand new. The pool, sauna and steam facilities are spacious, ornate and a real testament to the brand’s reputation for excellence. The theme of the hotel is certainly: if you don’t find it here,  you probably won’t find it anywhere else.


Hangzhou is an amazing city. Its presence just a few hours from Shanghai may mean that it gets less traffic, but it is a growing place for business and tourism. JW Marriott certainly occupies one of the premiere addresses in the city and delivers a singular and unforgettable experience. This is certainly a modern property worthy of occupying Hangzhou, a city of time honored greatness.





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