Oct 11

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Bangalore, India



The JW Marriott in Bangalore has most of the details that make it possible to call a luxury hotel ‘an outstanding property’.
After seeing so many hotels in Asia it may be difficult to find something that stands out of the high norm. I am not saying here that hotels in this part of the world are bad, but properties in most Asian countries are usually so good and affordable that it is difficult to choose which one is better.
Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Many IT companies are located in this city; this is one of the reasons why hospitality industry is so well developed here.
The JW Marriott has an excellent location in the sense that it sits in the downtown, next to the most luxurious mall and great restaurants and just steps from one of the most beautiful parks of Bangalore. The airport is a little far away, but regular cabs and Ubers are quite affordable.

The building itself is a modern skyscraper, the lobby is huge, airy and with a lot of light coming through the windows. Our welcoming was excellent, my birthday happened three weeks before and they still acknowledged it offering me flowers, chocolates and a bottle of wine, that was indeed a wonderful token.
We have access to the lounge that is located in the last floor. It offers breathtaking views. The service there is excellent as well, those working in the lounge are always ready to offer drinks, food, and to provide suitable options to those who suffer allergies or have some dietary restrictions.

Our room was beautiful as well, they upgraded us to a massive suite (because of my birthday) it was so spacious, modern and well appointed. We loved all the windows around that offered us the views of the park and the mall.
We splurged at the wellbeing facilities, the excellently equipped Gym and the Spa. I enjoyed a body massage and a face cleaning, I have to say it was excellent as well. The outdoor swimming pool is a very chic space where people get together to hang out and enjoy a drink.
There are several restaurants in the JW Marriott, we tried the Italian venue. That day they were only offering a buffet, we told them we did not want to eat a lot, so they were immediately ready to prepare a cooked to order pasta dish, it was delicious!

The JW Marriott is the kind of hotel I like to stay at, it has everything I expect from a luxury property but the attention to details and service of the personnel make the place to feel even more special. I really believe this is one of the best places to stay in Bangalore. The check out from the hotel was at 3:30 am, saying good bye in the main door was the chef who at that time of the morning prepared a delicious breakfast to go and hot coffee (all complimentary) these are the little details that make me love a hotel.



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