Nov 01

A truly noteworthy hotel: JW Marriott Cusco Peru

This hotel is one we have followed since it’s inception. The whole idea of the place just seemed magical. A high mountain town with otherworld charm and a hotel built into the fabled Augustine Monastery, a building of importance and historic grandeur.


The reasons for the hotel’s appeal do not end there. It is just steps from the main sites of colonial Cusco. You can walk out your door and be immersed in the plaza mayor with its iconic churches, walk down hectic cobbled stoned streets and be at any number of museums, shops and restaurants within minutes.



The hotel has expertly trained personnel whose handling of so many tourists and needs is admirable. The lobby is a buzz of constant activity but you would never feel backlogged or overwhelmed because someone is always ready to attend to your needs.

The welcoming lobby has 24 hour complementary has mate tea, this is a unique thing for high altitude and prevents the effects of sickness and other drowsiness. The hotel boasts an excellent breakfast which offers traditional international favorites, fresh cuisine and some local delicacies too which are amazing since Peruvian food is so eclectic.
They have done a great job restoring the building to its golden age glory. Everything that is public space in the building is gorgeous with art, decor and furniture.
The room is beautiful with hardwood floors, it is spacious but not huge, we would have done something different with the room in layout and decor, something more indicative of the nature of the monastery, it was a little  too plain. It looked quite ultra modern until we looked out the window and saw the views of Cusco are marvelous.

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