Nov 19

Destinations to Jet Set Travel for less



A major part of our travels is finding world class activities for a fraction of the cost and hype. Not everywhere that is expensive is necessarily the best or only place to enjoy leisure pursuits. We’ve found things like spas, cafes, luxury sports and wine tastings far off the normally traveled path. 


 Thermal waters in Budapest:


Being a beautiful city with a great history is just the beginning of why this is such an attractive destination. Add to that some of the best spas in the world, set in the heart of town and it is a place one will not soon forget. One worth visiting is Gelert, this is probably the most famous one that appears in all the tourism advertisements in Hungary. For something less than fifteen dollars you can enjoy the imperial facilities. The spa house is beautifully decorated and offers several pools set to different temperatures and various steam baths. The mineral content of these hot springs is extremely beneficial for the skin and overall health.



Luxury holidays at an Egyptian beach resort:


If some of the activities in exotic destinations can cost us a fortune, even more so can one say that the whole holiday will, especially if you choose to stay for several days in a beach resort.


Taba Heights in Egypt is one of the best kept secrets for beach resort lovers. It is an impressive complex that houses dozens of upscale restaurants, five, five-star luxury hotels including: Sofitel, Hyatt, Marriott and Intercontinental. It boasts a beautiful golf course which was built right in the Sinai desert, a modern dive center and water sports facility and one of the best places in the world for snorkeling in the beautiful Barrier Reef.


Anyone will be surprised at the extremely low prices paid at these hotels for one night. Again these are luxury hotels with the highest standards of service. If your budget is limited, but you want to enjoy a beach vacation in the style of the rich and famous, this is the place to go.


Classical Concerts in Rome:


For music lovers, a great dream is to enjoy world-class concerts, even more so if they take place in the most beautiful cities and settings in the world. The truth is that this hobby can be quite costly, since a good show in any big city in Europe can cost a fortune. What many do not realize is that Rome is home to great concerts for free almost weekly. The Eternal City has created a tradition in which excellent choirs and orchestras traveling from distant locations arrive and offer free concerts in churches. This adds to the marvelous performance because they usually choose some of the most beautiful churches in the city in which to perform.



Visits to some of the best museums around the world:

New York is home to some of the best museums in the world which contain wonderful collections from famous works of art, to archaeological finds and other curiosities. One could spend days just visiting the Big Apple’s impressive museums. New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but the good side note is that all museums are free. Places like The Metropolitan Museum, The Museum of Natural History, and many other famous museums are just waiting for the masses to step inside and marvel. At the entrance you can see a price of admission, but this is just a suggested donation for those who can and would like to make such a donation. So, to all lovers of Museums: New York is your destination!


World Class Skiing in Romania:


Beautiful snowy mountains, first class ski resorts, fine dining and first class hotels. That’s a combination that can result in a high price elsewhere in the world, but not in Romania. Poiana-Brasov is perhaps the most famous ski resort in Romania. It has become a destination in itself, with beautiful, breathtaking mountains and excellent winter sports facilities and accommodations. A day of skiing here is more than economical; it is a great value for money. For example the rent of all equipment needed to snowboard costs no more than 12 USD for one day. In Poiana one can ski for a day for only 25 USD and all this without bringing a single piece of one’s own equipment. At the foot of the slopes are many excellent hotels at affordable rates and nearby Brasov is a beautiful city worth exploring.




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