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Slovenia has some of the best kept secret coastal towns in Europe: like Izola

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Slovenia’s coastline is small, yet every one of the towns along it has a memorable character and layout. Izola is no exception. It is even more laid back than the villages of Piran and Portoroz  with charming architecture and majestic views of nature.

IMG_2195The particular quality of Izola lies in its relaxed and hidden location on this deep blue Adriatic coast. It is a dream spot for pedestrians to explore the winding alleyways, parks, harbor and restaurants. The town can equally serve as a daytrip or even a couple hour stopover when driving the scenic coast.




Izola is geographically an island connected to the main coast by bridges. The settlement was first established by the Romans and it became a tourist destination in the 1800’s when thermal waters were discovered. The city is hemmed in on three sides by the rising mountains which come right up to Slovenia’s coast, so the town feel completely isolated even when the next one is just a few minutes away.

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The best way to access the city is to follow the signs from the main coastal highway. Izola is best reached by car, but it does have a well-connected bus station and trains arrive to nearby Piran from various major locales. The adjacent city of Koper also has a small airport.




Designed like similar fishing villages in nearby Italy and Croatia all streets and buildings lead up a steadily climbing hill towards the iconic Church and bell tower, the center of the town’s life and history for centuries. The St. Maurus Church is beautiful both inside and out and the views of the island, mainland and the sea are the best around.


This laid back seaside village is full of places for walks and relaxing views and buildings, palaces, squares and churches which showcase fine works of art and architecture in the greater backdrop of nature’s harmonious array on this coast. There are some small pension hotels for travelers, but be sure to look up the apartment rentals too for a unique experience.


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Essential to the experience of a small fishing village is the seafood dining. Here one can find an abundance of restaurants with unbeatably fresh delights and spectacular panorama’s of the sea. Because Slovenia has such a colorful past of being at the crossroads of central Europe, food is eclectic and delicious. Many dishes are a blend of Italian, German, Slovenian and Croatian elements. Thus one can experience excellent seafood pastas, delicious desserts and many fresh herbs and vegetables too.  Manzoli House, Ughi Palace and Veliki central square respresent some of the best village sightseeing for historic structures.


The marina is the place for a stroll anytime of day and here in this relaxed city one can see locals about their work with nets, bait, cleaning their catch too. Life goes on here at a pace that is both comfortable and real, especially if you want to see the life of a place as it is day in and day out.





I love to travel, it is a hobby that has been with me since I was a little child. Already as teenager I went around South America as a backpacker. Now I travel in a very different way, I like to think that I am a more discerning traveler, but I still enjoy the simple things of life.


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  1. Uros G. - Travel Slovenia

    Slovenia’s coastline lays on the beauatiful Adriatic Sea, but despite its short length of a little more than 45 kilometres, it’s very attractive and every one of the towns along it has a distinctive and different character and layout. And Izola is no exception. It’s a romantic little Venetian port town with beautiful old architecture and breathtaking nature.

    1. voyageur

      We very much agree Uros, every town is a gem and we’ve loved visiting them. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

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