Mar 19

A Two Day Itinerary of Doha, Qatar



Many people come to Qatar for business and even more now are coming for tourism. Here we’ll explain the top places to see in the city and the best way of putting them into a functional itinerary.


The places on this list were all visited over the course of two days of exploration and not at a hasty pace, there was still plenty of time to enjoy the high class hotels, exercise and take in savory meals.


Day 1 Itinerary:


Villaggio Mall/The Torch


From one’s hotel it makes sense to start the day off with a ride to the city outskirts and work your way back in. Taxis are common and affordable. The Villaggio Mall has a massive selection of international brands under several roofs. The Venetian style ceilings, walkways and fascades gives the hotel a majestic theme.


City Center Mall/ The Gate Mall


The gulf states sure know how to make shopping attractive. The city center mall has more local brands on offer and a great Carrefour shopping center for any supermarket needs. The Gate Mall is just across the street and it has a relaxed and polished atmosphere in which to shop and good places to eat lunch.


City Center


This is the downtown section of Doha, there are financial buildings, surreal skyscrapers and lavish hotels (Kempinski, Four Seasons, Marriott, W). The Cornice which is the bayfront walkway that wraps around the city coast is active with walkers, exercise of all sorts and scenic views, perfect for a sunset stroll.


Day 2 Itinerary:


The Pearl


This is home to trendy shopping, fantastic restaurants and some of the most dynamic waterfront living the city has to offer. The combination of Marina with a circle of high rise apartments and stone paved walkways makes for an unforgettable place to walk, shop and dine.


Museum of Islamic History


This is so much more than a museum. The architecture of the facility instills wonder, the collection spans vast tracts of time and geography and the views of Doha’s skyline across the bay are second to none.


Souq Waquif


This is the traditional Arabian outdoor market that has all the updates of the modern age. Souvenirs, Hookah, candies and restaurants make the atmosphere lively and colorful. It is the perfect place to wind down the second day and walking distance from the Museum of Islamic Art.





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